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Botox and dentistry go hand-in-hand for many reasons. One of the main reasons it is a good idea to have a dentist treat you for botox is that dentists are looked at as specialists of the head and neck because of their training. A good dentist takes a full facial esthetics approach to dentistry and not just “fixing teeth.” During a smile design, the eyes, lips, nose and the rest of the face are all visualized in order to get a big picture view of the smile. Your dentist should evaluate you for any improvements that can be made to enhance the dental restorations of the mouth.

Another great reason to have your dentist do your botox is the fact that dentists give more injections then almost any medical professional. Dentists are trained to give “painless” injections and this is no different for botox.

Headaches? Botox has been proven to be a great way to alleviate headaches for many months. Clenching or grinding habits? Botox is a great way to alleviate these habits without the use of a dental mouth-guard.

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