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Dr. Kyle Stanley - Los Angeles Dentist

Dr. Kyle Stanley – Los Angeles Dentist

Dr. Kyle Stanley is a unique dentist in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, because before he was practicing dentistry, Dr. Stanley was an internationally signed runway and print model for many years. Because of this fact, Dr. Stanley has many patients from the fashion and entertainment industry who require this knowledge of the industry. He has used this knowledge to advance dentistry to include team members such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists to have a more full facial esthetics approach. Dr. Stanley is very interested in enhancing facial beauty in dentistry with the use of botox, dermafillers, and minimally invasive plastic surgery. He has lectured internationally about the roll of beauty in dentistry and how dentists can help patients return to a more youthful smile and facial appearence. As a clinical and pre-clinical faculty member at The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, Dr. Stanley has started to implement into the freshman curriculum, the knowledge of beauty and how it relates to dentistry. Dr. Stanley is one of the few botox dentists in Los Angeles who takes a full facial esthetics approach to dentistry and can help you with the glowing youthful appearence you desire.

Dr. Stanley is part of an elite international team of doctors and technicians who has a focus on teaching minimally invasive (biomimetic) bonded treatment and anterior dental esthetics in combination with dental implants and surgery. He has specifically helped bring minimally invasive plastic surgery treatment into the dental literature. He graduated Magne Cum Laude from USC’s dental school and then completed a dental implant residency along with a dental implant specialty in Florianopolis, Brazil.

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